Traps, trap dividers (isolators), and cages may be borrowed or rented only for the purposes of rescue and TNRM from the following groups:


Citywide                                                  ACCT PHILLY

Art Museum/Center City                   Green Street Rescue
Kensington/ Port Richmond           Flat Iron Wildcats
Germantown/ Mt Airy                        Animal Rescue Network / Feline Pipeline
Northeast Philly                                    Northeast Animal Rescue
South, Southwest Philly                   Stray Cat Relief Fund, @South Philly TNR
West Philly, U City                               City Kitties, Project M.E.O.W.
Manayunk / East Falls
Temple University                               Temple Cats



Tru-Catch     This trap has a quiet sliding action on the trap door as well as an inconspicuous brown color. Model #30D for adult & model #18 for kittens.

Safeguard      Great trap for general use with sliding back door.  This trap is slightly wider than other traps allowing more space for cats to move more easily as well back door for placing food/water dishes.  Model # 52830 for adults. model # 52824 is for kittens.  Local company in New Holland, PA – 10% discount for non-profits.

Havahart       Obtainable at local Home Depot, ACES, Lowes, and Walmart stores. more stores listed on website.   Model #1079 raccoon trap for adults, model #1077 for kittens.  Company also offers a Stray Cat Rescue Kit which comes with a trap and isolator (obtainable via company website).


    Drop Trap Design Bank
    Carol’s Super Trap

    ACES     Product number: TD-2.   MUST HAVE if you trap.  The isolator slides horizontally across the trap effectively separating the cat, so you can safely open the trap to clean and put in food and water.  (Bungee cords are great for holding trap doors open.)  **Only use the isolator horizontally ACROSS the trap, never vertically!  When inserted vertically as shown in the picture, strong, freaked-out ferals will slam against it, pop it out and out the trap they went.

MIDWEST Cat Playpen
Full size Model 132, half size Model 133.  These are the best crates for socializing cats and offer shelving which the cat can jump onto.  The plastic base models hold up better than the wood laminate base.  These crates can be order on-line or can sometimes through local pet stores.

Use size 36” or larger with litter box.  Also available or can be ordered through local pet stores.

    Purrfect Fence  This is simply THE BEST FENCING FOR CATS!   Domestic cats can be trained to stay indoors.  Noise aversion is the best method.  If you have an aluminum screen door, give it a good bang before going in or use a can full of pennies or other noise maker.  Most cats are afraid of the loud noises and stay away from the door.  Some recommend keeping a squirt bottle near the door and use it.  If your cat is permitted outdoors, the cat should be in a harness, enclosure or use fencing such as Purrfect Fence.  Never leave a cat outdoors unattended.


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